#1 Digital
Insurance Partner

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We are Eir

A fully licensed insurance company that offers a pure digital partnership for the retail market. Through extensive use of automation, serverless IT and AI we deliver a low-cost operation with superior risk selection.​ We are challenging the established players in the market by being cloud native, transparent, focused and by simplifying processes.

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What we offer

Low costs

Digital and automated payments

Collaborations with smaller players

White label

The freedom to own your own customers

Rapid product changes

Ready-made digital solutions

Open APIs

Our name

We were founded in the Nordics
– and so was our name.

The stories about Eir are many and mysterious. In Norse Mythology, Eir is the goddess of healing arts. Eir heals and protects. One of the things Eir uses to heal is a white flower. According to the story, Eir is also one of the nine terns surrounding Lyvjaberg, The healing mountain. Some even say that Eir is a valkyrie, a female who brings death from the battlefield to the world of the gods.

We might not use a white flower, but we use white labelling. We want to surround our partners by being the best digital insurance partner, just like Eir the tern surround the mountain. By simplifying processes, we also want to take our partners from the battlefield to the world of the gods. Whatever the metaphor, we want to describe how the new world of insurance could look like.