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Distribution partners

Are you not satisfied?

Do you think we or any of our partners acted wrong in any claim case? Then you should contact the person who handled your case.

Still not satisfied?

Contact our Complaint Manager in order to get your claim case appealed. Please send an email or call her. We’ll need you to tell us your name and address, insurance number, phone number and of course, description of why you need to complain. Our Complaint Manager will go through your case and contact you within 14 calendar days in order to inform you how Eir view your complaint. If we do not have the opportunity, for any reason, to answer you within the 14 days, we will at least contact you and tell you why the answer is delayed and when you can expect an answer from us. If it’s about anything in connection to the insurance distribution, and you have filed a complaint, our goal is to respond to you way sooner than 14 days. The Complaint Manager’s reply will state the measures that have been taken and justification for Eir’s position in the complaint.

Contact info to our Complaint Manager:
Caroline Sving
+46(0) 709 374 767

Want a claim case to be re-examined by other bodies?

If you are, for some reason, still not satisfied after contacting the person who handled your case nor the Complaint Manager, you can have your claim case re-examined by other bodies such as:

-National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) Allmänna reklamationsnämnden

-The Board for Legal Protection Insurance Issues (FNR) Nämnden för

-The Road Traffic Injuries Commission Trafikskadenämnden
Court Domstol

Contact us regarding claims?
+46(0)10–410 03 10